Dumplings with meat (12 rations)



Meat stuffing:
- pork and beef - 1 kg,
- carrots - 2 pcs,
- celery - 1 pc,
- parsley - 1 pc,
- onion - 4 pcs,
- butter - 50 g,
- salt, pepper, hot pepper, marjoram, lovage.

Cut the meat into large pieces, onion into feathers, fry and pour water over. Add vegetables and cook until tender. Strain, cool and grind the meat with some vegetables. Season the mass and form the stuffing into small balls.

Dough for dumplings:
- wheat flour - 1.5 kg,
- hot water - 0.5 L,
- oil - 50 ml,
- salt.

Make pasta-like dough: combine flour with salt, oil and gradually add water. Make flexible dough. Divide the dough into pieces and roll out thinly, cut out circles and apply portions of stuffing (meat balls), close the dumplings - stick together.

Cook the dumplings in a large amount of salted water, a few minutes. Dumplings are served with melted butter, onion and bacon.