• 300 gr durum wheat flour
  • water
  • salt


1. Put flour, salt and warm water in a bowl
2. Knead well
3. Roll the dough
4. Give shape to little balls
5. With the hands roll them to obtain little curls
6. Cook in boiling water, add salt

Pesto sauce


  • Basil leaves (50gr) 
  • Ligurian extra virgin olive oil (½ glass) 
  • Grated cheese:  Parmesan (6 tbs) and Pecorino (2 tbs)  
  • Vessalico garlic (2 cloves) 
  • “Pisa” pinenuts (1tbs) 
  • Coarse salt (a few grains) 


1. Place the garlic and the pinenuts in a mortar, crush with a pestle 
2. Add the coarse salt, the basil leaves and the grated cheese, 
3. Pour in the extra virgin olive oil and keep crushing until you get a smooth mixture  

According to the tradition, you should use a marble mortar and a wooden pestle. Alternatively you can use an electric blender.