Arabaşı Soup - Portion 4 (1 portion = 1 bowl), serving size (raw weight) - 400 ml.



900 gr. chicken or partridge 
75 gr. butter or olive oil  
20 gr. pepper paste  
10 gr. tomato paste 
100 gr. flour  
5 gr. salt  


Partridge/chicken is boiled, diddly (thin into pieces). Use butter/olive oil (individually or together) to heat the saucepan, add flour, and fry the flour until pink in colour. Add the tomato and the red pepper paste and also fry three minutes. Add the chicken broth and water and blend this mixture gradually (the mixture should be taken toprevent clumping). Water boils and the meat is added. 

The soup is served with lemon juice (Arabaşı soup is drunk with dough).


The Dough of the Arabaşı Soup (Arapaşı) - Portion 4 (1 portion = 25 gr.), serving size (raw weight) - 100 gr.


250 gr. flour 
5 gr. salt  
1/4 lt. water  


Water is boiled in a pot. Half of the boiling water is taken from the pot when it becomes warm, and formed into a thick soup made with flour (in the form of yoghurt). Continue to boil the remaining water, add salt into the water, and stir continuously. The slurry is added to water little by little (the mixture should be taken to prevent clumping). The mixture is taken from the furnace and poured into a tray, and then allowed to cool in a cold environment (not put in the refrigerator). After cooling, is poured inverted another tray (must be paid to the dissolution), which is placed in a lozenge-shaped serving dish (inverted appear brighter than the surface).

Note. When the custard cooked more than consistency of dark, adding water can be brought to the desired consistency.